Login Hacking Password How To Make Your Login STRONGER

Login Hacking Password How To Make Your Login STRONGER

A few weeks ago, when on holidays one of my websites was under a brief hacker login attack.

It was amazing to see, this kind of thing, an login attack you only read about but actually happening to me live.

You know the feeling it only happens to someone else but it’s stunning when you realize it’s happening live to yourself.

Talk about shocking reality, your WordPress website is the target.

Login Hacking By Nasty Wolves

Sure sweat quickly poured over my body, guess a normal brain reaction standing in front of one or a pack of login hacking wolves.  But it didn’t last long.

Because I knew my WordPress website login, which was being sniffed over by those hungry login hacking wolves, would stand up to them.  It would help shoo them away to other easier websites.

Yea, felt bad knowing the login hacking wolves will leave my website, only to scoot over to another WordPress website.  A website which is easier to pry open with their eyes closed and their tongue hanging out ready for entry at any moment.

Shocking Website Hacking Numbers

Just read yesterday it’s estimated(Sophos Labs) over 30,000  websites  hacked daily.  Back in 2012 Google stating over 9.500 websites daily are showing up as malicious websites.  Infected with malware or other viruses.

Reading those figures make my eyes pop out and I hope the number of hacked website per day make you tremble into taking action for your own WordPress website.

If not you and I both know the clock is ticking down to the day it will happen to you.

Make Your WordPress Login Stronger

The good news is you can take action to protect your website make it more secure keeping those nasty hacking brute force wolves away from logging into your website.  Turning them away to someone else, finding their easy prey.  Sad but true reality.

To start here is an article on how you can put more security into your login.  How to make your password stronger.  It’s what helped me when the login hacking wolves were at my login trying to get in, because I had a strong login password.

After you look over how to make your password stronger you must take action.  It’s not something you can leave to do for a rainy day or put off.  You must take action now.  Take the few minutes now.

Security Login Hacking Tool

At the end of the article I suggest a little tool to further help locking down your login.  It’s a tool I highly suggest you grab because I use it and it sure works.

But let’s forget about that tool until after you first get your login stronger against those login hacking brute force wolves.  It is so simple to do and only takes a few minutes to set up and doesn’t cost you a dime.  Now if you don’t who knows how much it will cost you if the login hacker gets into your WordPress website.

Thanks for reading. Yes my goal was to  scare you about the on-line website realities of login hacking and brute force attacks towards your WordPress login.

Brute Force Login Hacking Stronger Action Time

Now do your login stronger security against login hacking now.

Go look over now....  

He-Man Strengthen
Your Password And Toss
Brute Force Attacks Away
Like Wimpy Flies

  Keeping those nasty login hackers from opening up your WordPress website  to do their nasty in it.














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