Yes You Can Clone WordPress Site Quickly and Easily

Yes You Can Clone WordPress Site Quickly and Easily

You have been busy at work putting your website  together from scratch.  Taking lots of time planning it.  

Then more hours getting the posts, pages, theme and widgets all installed and set up correctly.

Sure it was a fun, setting everything up. Though something you’re not looking forward doing all over again from scratch anytime soon.

Now you have plans setting up another website, on a different domain name.  Everything will be pretty much the same as the website you just set up. 

Just the thought of downloading plugins and spending tons of time installing and setting everything up all over again on the new website isn’t something you are looking forward to.  Like looking forward to a root canal. 

Without a Clone WordPress Site plugin

it’ll be a nightmare

Especially if  you have to set up a complex WP site structure or a membership site.

If you’ve ever set up a membership site it takes a lot of your time understanding how a membership site works, then setting it up correctly.  

Or you have mastered setting up a membership site and now others have asked you to set up a membership site for them.  You can… but all the time doing it over and over again isn’t a lot of fun or makes you much money if charging for your time.

Sure you could hire someone to set up your second and third websites.  It’ll cost you dollars. It may also take a lot of your time explaining by phone or emailing back and forth what you want done.  Plus explaining how each plugin gets set.

Listen up, here is how you’ll save time 

An online dictionary describes the word clone – “Clone is to become genetically same.”  This is what you’ll be doing, making a digital identical website.

Imagine how cloning your website will impact your online website life. Now you’ll be able to go and click your way to a duplicate WP site in a matter of minutes.

Here, I’ll shine light on what cloning is all about.  And don’t run away thinking it’ll be all technical and hard.  It isn’t.  It’s my main reason I love cloning my websites, it is so simple and save tons of time.  Like stopping time.

Lets quickly do one now

Let’s pretend you website is all done and you wish to set up a duplicate WP website on another domain name site.

You install the clone WordPress website plugin on your website, which is easy to do.  All it is, is simply adding a plugin to duplicate WordPress to your WordPress plugins.

After installed and after entering your settings information, you are good to go.

You go to Tools and click on the Clone WordPress websitesite plugin and do a full backup.

Once finished it’ll give you 2 files to download.  (Or  however you have it setup in settings. To download to Amazon S3, your email. dropbox or cloud.)  For this quick WordPress clone website example, I’ll be talking downloading.

After downloading the files, you’ll head over to your new domain name site.  On this site you’ll have already set up a plain Word-Press install and will upload the  clone WP site plugin to your plugins.

Once you have installed the plugin all you need to do is hit restore, after letting it know where the backup download file is, it’ll take over from there.

Doing its duplicate WP Plugin magic

Installing pages, posts, widgets, themes and set settings as your first website.  It’ll be a clone WordPress site on your new second website.

After done you can do  a few tweets to fit your new website model.

So in a matter of minutes, you’ll have a clone WordPress site on your new domain name.

It’s an amazing cool Plugin

Go now, get your own duplicate WP WebSite plugin

Click now…

Clone WordPress Site Plugin 



Jim MacDonald 

P.S.  It’s also a fantastic WordPress website backup plugin.  Meaning  it is also fantastic  doing WP backups.   Go discover  Clone WP WebSite plugin and WordPress backup plugin now.