Stop Using Password Admin Immediately

Stop Using Password Admin Immediately

Yes I am dead serious.

Stop in your tracks.

Sit down.

Because what you are about to hear is not pretty.

Brute Force Attacks Will Use Your Username Admin

So how will you feel tonight?

If you were under brute force attacks and they are using your username “admin” trying to gain entry to your Worpress website.  To do their nasty.

Oh my. 

Yes, I agree with you it’s sickening, but we must get over it and deal with your login security now. There isn’t any time for delay or putting it off for some rainy day.

You Must Take Action Now

And don’t freeze and do nothing, being embarrassed you didn’t know.

You’ll have to get realizing it’s not your fault for not knowing you don’t use admin as your user-name.

As I was really blind, totally not realizing I was an “admin” sitting duck to a Brute Force Attack for a very long time.

Makes me shutter just thinking how lucky I was.  Which always gets me wondering how I fell into the false sense of login security.

Guessing it’s easy to do, because as you’ll recall when you install WordPress it’s already to go with you as Administrator and a shortened user name called “admin” to use at wp-login.php.

How cool is that you think, as you log-in with your password, never giving it much thought after that of all the other hundreds, thousands who also have “admin” as their user name.  Why I’m blasting out my warning stopping using “admin” for username to as many people as internet possible.  

Brute Force Attackers Love This “admin” Oversight


It gives the hacker delivered on a silver platter a starting point to start cracking your user-name without working up a sweat.  

So if there are lots of fish in the sea using admin as their user name, the first thing fired at your user name login will be a given – “admin”.

Quickly firing off a green light in a flash on the nasty hackers first try, now giving lots of extra time to work on hacking your password.

What To Do?

Yes you can stop giving your user name on a silver platter by changing your user name to something else. It’s this simple.

Quick Easy Steps Changing Your User Name

1.  A quick way is to click to Users – All Users.

2.  Locate your current user name “admin” or “Admin”.

3.  Now go top left see User and click Add New .

4.  Fill in your new user name plus your password and email then click tab at Role.

5.  Select Administrator and click Add New User.

6.  Your new admin name has now been added giving you 2 Administrators.  Before you delete the “admin” Administrator log out and log back in using your new user name.

7.  If you get loged-in you can now go and delete the User “admin” as from now on you’ll be using the new Administrator user name you just created.

Another Way

There are plugins which will change your admin for you without having to create a new user name keeping the same password.  It may come in handy, though I’ve never used one.  

The plugin changes your “admin” to a new one you type in, but if you type it in wrong, or forget it you have a good chance being locked out of your WordPress site.

By creating a new user while your old “admin” user name is there gives reassurance. If you can’t get in because of a typo you can still get in with the old “admin” before it’s deleted.

Thanks Now You’re More Secure Then  A Few Minutes Ago

If you were following along and making changes to your own user login name.  If not please do it now before your hit with a Brute Force Attack.

And They Can Still Hit You Hard

Here is a shot little video talking about Brute Force Attacks on crashing your website or your host shutting you down.  Find out about a cool little WordPress security plugin further strengthening your WordPress login security from Brute Force Attacks.

 Watch now…  WordPress Login Security

Brute Force Attacks Defender



In case the video didn’t forward you on so you can get wordPress Brute Force Attacks login security click the link.

Cheers to your Internet Marketing Prosperity

Jim MacDonald

4 Fizz

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