He-Man Strengthen
Your Password And Toss
Brute Force Attacks Away
Like Wimpy Flies

Suddenly your day turns dark and gloomy.

You stare in shock.

You’re WordPress website is under Brute Force Attacks.

You scream “What… the….?” as perspiration pours down your face and the Brute Force Attacks intensify. 

Wait…Let’s hit freeze. Go back in time, asking this instead:

“What am I to do” before the nasty Brute Force Attacks happen.

Ummm… Brute Force Attacks… What Is It?

If you’re not familiar what  Brute Force Attacks are let me quickly explain.

It’s  when someone with software is trying to break into your website.  Being on-line there are no windows to smash or doors to kick open.  Instead your login is the new online entry door to smash in.

It’s debatable if Brute Force Attacks are high-tech or not.  Because all they are doing is kicking on your log-in entry door, over and over again.

First they will aim the Brute Force Attacks to crack your user name.  Which is pretty easy, as many WordPress website use the same “admin” password it sets up with, without changing it.

Then It’s On To Your Password If Changed

Their Brute Force Attack software loaded with letters and numbers, all ready to start flying a staggering amount of hashes per second at your password login.  

They do this using mathematical permutation, which is quickly trying different arrangements and different lengths of  letters and numbers.

Take note of the lower case passwords.  

As they are passwords typed without using capital letters, such as cowboy, cowgirl, rockpaper  making it easy discovering your password.

For the WordPress users, who do add a number at the end but still end up having a lousy password. Because they are only adding one number and it’s usually number one.  

Meaning, as soon as the Brute Force Attack software starts trying numbers it’ll go bingo right off the bat finding your password with your number 1 at front or end or in between.

Make it Harder Using Letters and Number Mix

It’s why you have to mix up your number use within your password.  

Using example rockpaper it could expand to rock7paper45 and even better r0ck7p42pe4r.

This would make the Brute Force Attacks take a longer time to crack the password, yet still crackable as everything is in lower case letters, what  the brute force attacks love.

Even Harder To Crack Mixing In Capital Letters

It’s time to add some Capital, upper case letters.  Giving you a WordPress password of Rock7P42e4R.  This would take a much, much longer time to Brute Force Attack crack.  

Or getting hacker  turning their attention to easier fish to fry with brute force attacks.

Now taking it further adding in some symbols takes your password to a higher level of  less crack ability.  Giving a password of #R0ck7%P42e4R! .

It’s all fine and dandy.

But man it’s just too hard to remember this type of password, especially after coming back from holidays or after a good fun week-end and you forgot the password.

Slow Down Brute Force Attacks With Stronger Password

So lets look at a password creating a different way, using the same letter or number or symbol more than any other in the password.  

And it’ll be easy to remember.  So forgetting password panic or hauling around a password note-book are gone.

“Goat” will be the word.  

Spelt G with the number Zero then letters ‘aTs] for G0ats.  

Now will add the same character or symbol at the end many times.  Ours will be 10 “e’s” looking like G0aTseeeeeeeeee .

Now if you really want to put your password security sky-high add to the start the same “e’s” or add something different such as four  “8’s”.

Giving you this awesome password 888G0aTseeeeeeeeee. And at last happily giving the Brute Force Attack Attacks a headache.

Which might get them moving on to other easier passwords to start kicking-in their  WordPress login entry doors.

So do now give it a try, discovering what strong secure easy to remember passwords you’ll come up with. Make it rough going on the Brute Force Attacks.

Going Beyond Passwords Hindering Brute Force Attacks

Now you’ve got your password security locked down, here is a short video on how your login is still at risk from the Brute Force Attacks.  

Discover how you’re still at risk of your website being crashing or your web host shutting  your website down.

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Brute Force Attacks Video

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Cheers to your Internet Marketing Prosperity

Jim MacDonald

4 Fizz.com

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